Alcoholism Nice and joint diseases

Oynomyalgia is the most common musculoskeletal disease in medicine, affecting approximately ten percent of the population. Women are more often affected, especially between the ages of 20 and 50. This disease has no specific symptoms and has not been detected by laboratory tests. and there is no special vagnogo Generally, this disease can be caused by insomnia, depression, viral infection, etc.

The patient complains of pain and cramps for a long time, and he also wanders around in nerve pain all over. The most affected are the chiefs of the body, the most affected are the neck, shoulders, back and groin.

In addition to bolucyola, I can stand up, insomnia, long-lasting headaches and severity. No history of fever or weight rubbing. Pain comes and goes with increment and increment

This order is only advisable when examining other miyom is unsatisfactory and sajten complains of frequent pain in the miyom. Unfortunately, you get more intense pain in your shoulder blades.

It is very important to take the perfect medicine and have another disease draw it regularly. Ordinary painkillers do not work for this condition, but strong painkillers and steroids do not. The most important thing about the treatment of this disease is that the patient himself can be cured of the disease, but many drugs and the disease will not connect. Shakti

If you are over 50, your risk of developing this disease is very low. They may not use antidepressants, but about 50% of people recover, and the rushers are helpful. And sajten can perform the words of the zadukna work.

One such problem is polymyalgia rheumatica.

It is arőzzem of words and a common condition in the pain of miyóm. 50 years old. The patient complains of nerve pain and pleasant pain.

This pain increases in the morning and is so sharp for a short time that the sailor is afraid to go to his elbow in the morning, but the pain subsides as the day progresses. shoulders and hips Passages are afflicted by the surrounding love, with pain and stiffness, and the void by fever, hunger and half loss.

This defect is twice as common in women than in men.

With stiffness and pain in the shoulders, hips, and back, Saiten finds it difficult to style his hair, put on a shirt and jacket, or get up from a chair, but it is very important for him to remember. it is not weakness. Lokozijane in miojachAn angry person can cause swelling and inflammation of the joints. It affects the joints, especially the knees, ankles and knees.

U anemia anemia U future blood vessels are often inflamed, called temporal fascia. Severe pain in the frictions and nodules formed in these frictions. The average age of onset was approximately 72 years. Rheumatic polymyalgia affects about half of the patients with the temporalis.

Golden joint patients have headache, skin loss, vision problems, strain double vision, temporomandibular joint, etc. May be sick or blind sometimes. Patient receiving steroids After administration, these drugs have a dramatic effect and within 24-72 hours the patient begins to return to normal.

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