Broken Teeth in an accident

Whether we have a car accident, injured in sports games, or fall during a trip. None of us ever wants that but unfortunately, accidents are part of a life.

Sometimes, if we have face injury due to such an accident and our teeth are damaged.

They must be repaired. Dental traumas that must require a dental repair include breakage of teeth, missing of a broken tooth,
or tooth scarring etc. Let’s see which treatment options can be used in these conditions. To treat minor teeth injuries, dentists suggest dental bonding or porcelain veneers. Tooth filling resin is used in dental bonding which is made similar in color and shape of the patient teeth. Then, broken teeth or gap between teeth is filled. Dental bonding can quickly repair teeth and teeth also look natural. However, resin used in dental bonding is weak and stains can easily retain on it. That’s why, majority of patients do not prefer dental bonding.
Contrary to dental bonding, patients more prefer porcelain veneers
because thin sheets of porcelain material are used in this method.

These sheets can work longer because stain do not easily retain on them and they also give good look to teeth. Porcelain veneer sheets can be fixed on a single tooth or on all teeth to better the smile expressions. These were the treatments of minor teeth injuries but if your teeth completely break or you have a missing tooth after an accidental injury.
In this case, you need a complete teeth reconstruction.

If your 3-4 adjacent teeth are broken, doctors suggest your dental implants. While if your teeth break in a series, doctors recommend FOY dentures. In dental implants, screws of titanium or zircon are fixed in a missing tooth place. These screws are called artificial root. Dental crowns are implanted on artificial roots that does not only look like natural tooth but their biting ability is also same as the natural tooth. Currently, different types of dental crowns are available in the market which include metal crowns,
porcelain crowns, porcelain fused to metal crowns, zirconia crowns
and lithium disilicate crowns.

If we talk about cost of the dental implants, their cost can be in between $500-2500 dollars depends on type of dental crowns used.

However, dental implants provide long-term durability and natural look. Besides dental implants, if we talk about dental dentures,
they are fake teeth made of acrylic plastic, nylon or metal
that are fixed in place of missing teeth. Dental dentures are removeable means whenever needed they can be easily fixed on or removed from dental gums.

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