Every new Mac comes with a Bitcoin cryptographic document.

A tech blogger has discovered that every Mac updateAd to a newer version of the Mac OS after 2018 has a hidden copy of the “Bitcoin White Paper.”

The Bitcoin White Paper was prepared in 2008 by a person or group of people named Satoshi Nakamoto, whose true identity has not yet been revealed.

This document not only explains how this digital currency works, but also explains in detail why it was created.

Therefore, this document has become very important for those who receive coins and cryptocurrencies in general.

Every new Mac comes with a Bitcoin cryptographic document. 3
Every new Mac comes with a Bitcoin cryptographic document. 3

Maybe that’s why it seems to have been quietly added to the program. It was probably created by an engineer working on the Mac OS.

Anyone can open a Bitcoin document by scanning files on a device called the Virtual Scanner Duo.

This document appears to be an example of how the tool works and was chosen for its brevity. The document is useful.

This confidential document was discovered by a blogger and tech expert named Andy Bio.

He pointed out that since this documentary has been aired in this program for five years, it has hardly been discussed in the virtual space.

The American computer giant did not disclose how it added this file to the Mac operating system.

Baio said he received a report a year ago that the problem was with the file and that the technicians who added it to the operating system thought the problem was fixed, but there has been no news since then. Information comes out

The company has officially withdrawn from this digital currency, although it has introduced some financial services such as payments and loans.

In 2021, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple will explore and invest in cryptocurrencies on a personal level.

However, he said the company has “no immediate plans” to launch cryptocurrency operations.

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