Gym routine to lose weight for women Qas

Gym routine to lose weight for women

Are you going to the gym to lose weight? There are many women who are in your same situation: they begin to want to take care of themselves and, for this, they take care of their diet and begin to exercise. But do you know exactly how you have to design your routine to lose weight? There is a lot of confusion regarding the best exercises and the most recommended disciplines. However, in a How to we will clear up any doubts you may have about it. Next, you will find a good example of a gym routine to lose weight for women(It is more focused on the female body in general, but depending on your case and physical condition, one type of exercise or another will be more convenient for you, hence the importance of talking with a personal trainer). You will be able to reduce the accumulation of fat and sculpt your silhouette.

Gym routine to lose weight for women
Gym routine to lose weight for women

Cardio in a gym routine for women

If you want to know what is the best gym routine to lose weight for women you have to know how our body works. Many people believe that spending most of your workout sweating and doing cardio is enough to lose weight. But it’s not like that.

Here we are going to discover how a gym routine to lose weight for women should be with regard to cardio exercises:

• Choose the best machine for you: You should keep in mind that not all cardio machines are good for everyone. If you are quite overweight you should avoid the treadmill and, failing that, opt for the elliptical or the bicycle. The reason is that the tape can overload your joints and increase the risk of wearing them out or injuring yourself. Find out if doing a stationary bike makes your legs fat?

• 20 minutes of cardio: in order to notice the effect of cardio exercises, it is important that you spend at least 20 to 30 minutes. Otherwise, the fat burning process will not be activated and the exercise will have little effect on you.
• Intercalate intensities: in order to lose weight in the gym, it is essential that you are not exercising at the same intensity or speed all the time. Keep in mind that the body is a very intelligent machine and, therefore, it can adapt to new energy demands by regulating fat burning.

• Go increasing the intensity progressively: it is important that you adapt the training to your physical condition. When you start training in the gym it is normal that, with little, you get tired. But, as time goes by, your body will become stronger and more resistant, so you will have to increase your level of demand. Only then will you be able to see improvements and lose weight.

But we have to emphasize something: if you only do cardio exercises you will hardly notice any change in your body. If you want to lose weight but also tone and sculpt, you have to incorporate strength exercises and weights. With toning is when you can really transform the body. Therefore, going to the gym just to run is a very bad idea; it is best to combine both cardio and toning to get a complete workout.

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Toning, essential to lose weight in the gym

We continue with this article about the best gym routine to lose weight (for women) talking, now, about toning. Normally, many girls do not dedicate much time to strength exercises, believing that what they are looking for is to lose weight, not increase muscle. However, we want to emphasize that, to lose weight in the gym, strength exercises are essential.

There are many doubts and confusions regarding this topic. Many women don’t want to look “muscular” or have their muscles get too big. And, the truth is that achieving male bodybuilding is very complicated in the female body. In fact, a lot of training is needed as well as the intake of protein supplements that help to better define the muscles.

Therefore, you will not feel too muscular by adding toning exercises. The only thing that you will achieve is to reduce the localized fat of your body and, in addition, define and improve the appearance of your silhouette. It is for this reason that it is essential that you include strength exercises in your gym routine to lose weight.

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How to organize a strength routine for women?

Basically, we will have to train all the muscle groups of the body, both the upper and lower body. There are many girls who only pay attention to the area that worries them the most (legs, buttocks, etc.) but the whole body has to be worked on to achieve a homogeneous and balanced result.

• Mix muscle groups: If you don’t want to get overtired, a good way to train in the gym is to mix muscle groups. For example, on Monday you can train the upper body and on Tuesday the lower body. Thus, you will leave your muscles a 24-hour rest that they will take advantage of to strengthen and rest.

• Combine weights with machines: so as not to get bored in your training, you can combine different toning exercises. Weights can be boring, so you can also include free weights or take classes like GAP, Body Pump, etc.
• Do 3 series of 10 or 15 repetitions: so that the muscles feel the work of the weights, you should divide your training and do 3 series of 10 to 15 repetitions for each exercise.

• If you want to achieve faster results, there is nothing better than starting with a series with a certain weight, the second one increasing the weight a little more and the third one being the heaviest. In this case, the first series may be 15 repetitions, the second 10 and the third 8.

Among the strength exercises, the abdominals are the most sought after all over the world. It is a practice that, with insistence and frequency, will help you better define your abdominal muscles and reduce the presence of fat. In this other article we will discover how to do abdominal routine that will help you work this area well.

Example of routine to lose weight for women

Now that you know some previous tips to be able to design your gym routine to lose weight, we are going to give you two examples. Thus, you will be able to protect the health of the muscle and avoid tears or injuries.

Routine 1: cardio and upper body

 As we have already told you, cardio should always be part of your gym routine to lose weight. However, it does not have to be the main element, but rather it has to share the limelight with the toning exercises.

Here we discover a perfect routine to work the upper body and do cardio:

• 5 minute warm up and stretch.

• 3 sets of triceps.

• 3 sets of pectorals.

• 3 sets of biceps (with machine or with weights, as you like).

• 3 series of back or 5 minutes of rowing.

• 3 series of shoulders or push-ups.

• 20-30 minutes of cardio (to choose).

• 10 minutes of stretching.

Workout 2: cardio and lower body

On the second day you can rest the upper muscles and put the lower ones to work, that is, the buttocks, legs, calves, etc. To do this, you can follow this example of a routine to lose weight in the gym:

• 5 minute warm up.

• 4 sets of dumbbell squats. Here we tell you how to do dumbbell squat and what muscles squats work.

• 3 sets of leg push-ups (on the machine).

• 3 series on the hip machine.

• 4 series on the machine to work the inner thigh.

• 4 sets of crunches.

• 20/30 minutes of cardio.

• 10 minutes to stretch and relax.

Now that you know a gym routine to lose weight for women, you may be interested in another article where we tell you more about How to lose weight in the gym and that you can achieve the goals you have been pursuing for so long.

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