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A few small habits, if corrected, can prevent many medical and physical problems. One of them is our cellular behavior, which has a lot to do with our health. Life causes many complications for the body, and these complications later become very serious.

British physiotherapist Nick Seinfield has identified some common sitting and standing mistakes that can be corrected.

Don’t bend over

Bending is usually comfortable, but over time this position can cause muscle strain and pain.

Get used to sitting well.

At first, you may feel uncomfortable because your muscles are not yet ready for the correct position, but you will gradually get used to it.

Don’t wave your arms

When working at a desk in front of a computer, your head can tilt, which can strain your upper back and shoulders.

The same thing happens when using the phone, which can lead to problems such as “neck tissue syndrome”, which can cause pain and stiffness in the neck, back pain and headaches. Physicists not only focus on correcting the upper back, neck and shoulders, expanding the chest and neck posture, but also prescribe specific exercises or exercises to improve and strengthen them.

Don’t stand on one leg

If we need to stay longer, we can rest a bit. But when we’re standing, we tend to use our lower back more than our hips and major nerves. and puts too much pressure on the pelvis. Over time, muscle imbalances can develop in the pelvic area. Always stand straight with your weight evenly distributed on both feet. let them get used to something

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