Why Our Teeth Become Yellow

Teeth discoloration is very common in us.

However, because of our discoloured teeth, we experience tremendous timidity at gatherings and parties.
Ever wonder why this occurs and why our teeth go yellow?
In medical science, this condition is called teeth yellowness or teeth discoloration.
Sometimes, if any of our parents have teeth discoloration, the problem transfers to newborn babies during fetal development.
This results in change of teeth color in babies.
Similarly, fluoride is a substance that strengthens our teeth, but if it is used excessively—for example, by using fluoride toothpaste or tablets—it can turn our teeth yellow.
The name of this condition is fluorosis.
Enamel is the name of the tooth’s outermost layer when referring to the structure of human teeth. Dentine is the name of the second stratum from the top.
Our teeth are white because of the thin layer of enamel that covers them.
However, as we age, this layer thins out and even the enamel layer is totally lost, leaving the yellow dentine layer exposed.
This is why, despite brushing, the teeth of older people seem yellow.

Similarly, cigarette smoking and many foods and drinks make our teeth yellow.
When we smoke cigarettes, nicotine residue sticks to our teeth and causes them to turn yellow or brown.

In our daily food intake and drinks, tomatoes, curry spices, coffee, tea and wine etc. are commonly used.
These foods contain many pigments, such as tannins in coffee and tea etc. that stuck and remain on our teeth and change their color.
The majority of us believe that using activated charcoal, baking soda, or citrus fruits will whiten our teeth.
While the enamel on the top layer of our teeth, caused by charcoal and citric acid in citrus fruits, deteriorates.
As a result, prolonged usage of them may result in permanent tooth colour changes.
Patients with mild tooth discolouration are advised by doctors to regularly brush, floss, and clean their teeth once every six months.
Doctors recommend porcelain tooth coverings as a therapeutic option for teeth whose discolouration is the result of excessive fluoride use.

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